i, giant

June 1, 2014

a giant lies sleeping under at tree

in the grass, by the shore

of a crystal calm sea

dreams, so melancholy,

are born, live and die

behind the closed lids of the giant’s eyes

am I that giant –but,  sleepwalking

through life;

my days filled with sadness,

self-pity and strife?

when I look in the mirror,

I see a dwarf,

on the sideline of life –

unable to start

My way isn’t working,

so I cry out to God,

“I surrender. Will you help me.”

(do I detect a nod?)

Now it’s up to me to decide each day;

to walk to consciousness in every way.

Perhaps if I’m willing, fearless and true,

this giant will awaken with eyes anew.


4 Responses to “i, giant”

  1. this was so very raw and real, so personal (as poetry should be) i know a bit about melancholy dreams, and sleepwalking through life. very good writing here, friend.

  2. I am here looking for more words from you, there aren’t any 😦 I hope you’ll come back soon!

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