Twisted Playa

June 11, 2014

twisted playa

Strange as sailing rocks
Ken you this twisted “playa”
God said, “Let there be…”

My morning walk around Wadley Baron Park. The “duck pond” is a rare geologic feature, a depression over compacted cement-like caleche to form dry or temporary lakes that are hosts to a diverse ecology of life and weird items like “sailing rocks” – rocks that move slowly across the dry lake bed leaving a trail…kind of makes the lake bed seem haunted. Ninety-six percent of all the worlds playas are located in West TX and New Mexico. My duck pond has been transformed into a permanent pond via a little man-made tech – a fountain.

(for Layne)


2 Responses to “Twisted Playa”

  1. beautiful picture, i love the reflection, the mirrored images, very symbolic of the self and the introspect, looking into that relection at the sailing rocks of the soul…this caused me to contemplate, and i loved seeing my name there at the bottom! what a treat!! 🙂

    you haven’t been by my page at Ku in a long time, I haven’t written much, maybe 3 or 4 since you’ve last been there. I hope I haven’t been forgotten! 🙂

    or maybe you are having the same issue many are having since the updates where it shows that you have liked something (the heart shows in blue) when you actually haven’t because when you look through the list of likers your name wont be there. This is happening to me often i see that it looks as though i have liked poems i haven’t even seen yet, so i’lll have to click it, then click it again, then my name shows. I hope they fix the bugs.

    anyway, great to see you writing something here!! 🙂

    • DeRicki Johnson said

      Hi Layne. I AM finding Ku very frustrating to use these days. Repeated crashes whenever I try to Like or Comment, and not being able to determine reliably whether my Likes and Comments have been properly submitted is driving me to distraction! I spend so much time working through the more prolific writers that I run out of time (or patience) before I can get to those who post less often. I probably fall between you and someone like ATexasMist in terms of posting frequency, and imagine that people are losing their connection with me for the same reason. I hope they fix this latest round of bugs soon – I hadn’t realized that it how much my connections are being thwarted by them. I’ll exercise a little more effort in ensuring we are connecting. I’d hate to lose that particular touch point between us.

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