Word Play

March 29, 2015

Contempt for things we don’t understand is a fools path. Bravo, Grace Black.

Grace Black Ink

CC Photo from Flickr

Title Goes Here

Poetry is boring stuff

written by the pretentious

lot of us.

“Most want to read a memorable tale,

something that lingers…”

This was conveyed to me

and I had to pause

and laugh. 

What hypocritical arrogance

contained in the statement above

by a writer, no less.

my hands are milk-glass

my wrists steel gauge

your arrogance

is your ignorance,

and profundity

you fail to lend

when you criticize

the breadth of words

contained within

a realm

you cannot comprehend

As writers,

we play with words,

dress them up

give them fancy hats

then we strip them naked

and leave them good as dead.

but poeTs

keep pets

we put our words on cHains

tAke them out for walks

nurture their Nature

dead is never death

hats are constellations

and stars scourge

our inky thoughts,


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