Time Space Love

April 13, 2015

dericki's west tx rainbow

Double rainbow on a West Texas road


You struck a gong that dwells deep within my heart

Now my love rings for you across time and space

Our love, two notes in the chord of creation

Sing with me, always

– dericki


[It’s funny how things I learned in school cycle back to remind how wrong I was to claim I was, “…learning stuff I’ll never use in real life.” Two writers I admire greatly, Janelle and Jason Segarra, inspired me to try my hand at the Sapphic form of poetry. “Time Space Love” is the result.]


3 Responses to “Time Space Love”

  1. Thanks so much for the compliment! I feel like a little fish here on WP so it’s nice to know someone is reading.

    I’m glad you tried your hand at it! This was/is a gorgeous memory. Much of your writing reads like an excerpt from a larger body of work. It lends an intimate feel that I like very much. Ever think of compiling them all?

    • DeRicki Johnson said

      I think my muse is helping generate my own writing gravity well. Maybe it will pull the fragments together. For now I’m just star jumping, trying to find my voice. Thanks for your encouragement!

  2. Elle said

    DeRicki, this is simply lovely. it has the translucent feel of beautiful haiku but kept to the syllables and syncopation of a true Sapphic. And your theme, perfect. I love this poem and am so glad you were inspired to write one! ♡

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