F*ck Rumpled

April 17, 2015

Fuck rumpled.

Go on, clear the room and say it out loud. I’ll wait.

Now this time, don’t just say it, chew on it a bit. Good. Try lowering your register and maybe add a little husky breathlessness to it.

Yep, just like that.

Delicious isn’t it? It feels good to say and to hear.

Two words, and I wrote 70K+ words around it.

Ok, wait. That’s misleading. Not ‘around’ it per say, but it is the phrase that popped into my head and wouldn’t leave. It kept echoing through my mind, over and over and after saying it out loud more times than I counted, the voice that finally whispered it in my head wasn’t my own, but that of a smoking hot 200 year old pirate with a sex on a stick voice like that of Drogo.

That’s when Grant introduced himself to me, told me his story…

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