my god, we’re full of stars

April 19, 2015

Call me Aye. 







That which you fear is Null; the absence of. Null is the void; is deconstruction of our illusion of reality. Contemplation of only Null breeds fear. Fear breeds the desire to destroy. Destruction calls the Null. 

Do not give in to fear, to the desire to destroy that which is the focus of your fear. Destruction is the provence of the null, it gives rise to Null over Aye and creates imbalance. 

Balance is the greatest consideration over all. In this way we live in harmony within the living, intelligent universe that gave birth to us – living intelligent beings. 

Proof of our ancestry lies in the fact that we are carbon-based beings. Carbon is only produced in the heart of stars. That carbon is only released upon the explosive death of a star, which seeds the universe with everything from essential minerals to DNA from its former planets. Imagine a dandelion that seeds by a puffball that breaks apart and rides upon the wind. 

My God, we’re full of stars…


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