Book Review: Three Lines by Grace Black

May 8, 2015

KT Phillips Writes


This book of poetry may be small in size, but it does not lack heart and soul. Beautifully written three line poems speak literal volumes. Each of the poems are written as stand-alone pieces, yet they all flow together such perfect style and ‘Grace’. Black’s pen and paper make for an excellent union. She speaks from a true voice, and like the back of the book says ‘a heart unedited.’ The cover of the book itself is done in beautiful simplicity. Less really is more.
2 of my favorites from the book:

“Death grows in rows

And she ties her shoes

In seasonal gloom”

“All the memories

Puddles on pavement

Never getting wet”

PS- I am so proud to call this fellow poet and crafter of words friend. Thank you for the handwritten card, Grace. It was lovely!

Please go check out more work byGrace Black

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  1. Thank you, kindly for the reblog and support of Three Lines!

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