Underworld Passage

June 20, 2015

I know hell. 

Hell is being chained in the dark fetid hull of a heaving ship, while pestilence stalks the narrow aisles, whispering sweet assurances of suffering to come. 

Hell is worshipping the sun, only to be consigned to eternal darkness. 

Hell is the blackness of death, without the sweet surcease of wordly suffering; an Underworld here on earth. 

In the Underworld, I am stacked like a cord of wood between frightened, dying, crying strangers.

There is no water to drink, but shit and piss rain down from the rotting human cargo above me. 

I add my filth to the flow for the unfortunates below me. I dispaired for them at first, but am too weary now to care. 

In the devil’s domain, there is no air to breath…only unbearable heat and the thick putrid smell of disease, hopelessness and death. 

The anguish and sorrow is a gruel thick enough to eat…and I would if I could, for there is no food in hell; just suffering, and the relentless roiling of the unseen sea. 


2 Responses to “Underworld Passage”

  1. This is viscera in print, my friend! Such an emotive read from start to finish. Your words are truly a treat. Thank you for sharing, and inspiring with the ink of your pen.

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