Reaching the Most Intolerant Religion

July 25, 2015

I found this to be a very thoughtful essay. It’s refreshing to see a rational analysis about religion and tolerance. People will no doubt respond with strong emotion, due to this piece’s sensitive nature. But, that’s what happens when one encourages an open dialog, eh?

Applied Faith

Literally, what is least tolerant. Literally, what is least tolerant. Intolerance sounds like an accusation, and it sounds harsh. It is actually more of a clinical, academic, matter-of-fact term. In the US, we’re intolerant of infectious diseases and that is a good thing… I’m glad we don’t tolerate Ebola. In terms of religion, most don’t agree with syncretism, so they don’t tolerate another deity and they set themselves up with some level of exclusivity in customs and culture. All religions are intolerant to some degree. Secular Humanism (SH) asserts no possibility of tolerating or even coexisting with any other worldview. For the Atheist SH, all religions, other than theirs, are bad and must be eradicated. It is by this standard that they are rightly named the most intolerant religion. Let’s look at the root of the conflict to help us interact with SH’s as we conduct life, and attempt to let…

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