Candy Strings

July 26, 2015

So many images flash across my mind’s eye when I read this poem.


The windows let you in,
open their wide eyes
and eat you up.
you crawl around in circles
like a dog
and dream yourself to sleep
while I yell at you to leave.
Instead of running,
you snore
and take up space in my attic,
in my arms,
and I have enough to carry.
Your heart is heavy
and the steps are uphill
instead of down
while you float above
like a piece of candy
on a string tied to my wrist.
I can’t tell you what to do
but at least you could
ease this burden,
this rock inside my belly
where your vacant words
sit in silence,
leaving me weighted
and ever in the fog.



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One Response to “Candy Strings”

  1. Thought-provoking yet sad…

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