August 20, 2015

It won’t be long now, he thought as he looked down at the emaciated form of his mother, almost lost in a voluminous cocoon of bedclothes.

She beckoned him and, with her last breath, whispered in his ear.

From that day, he never spoke another word. A simple cab driver, he grew to accomplish some of the most far reaching achievements in art, science and social change. Many speculated on the causes of his meteoric rise from mediocrity.

Upon his dying request, these words adorn his monument: “Remember son—your words may move people, but your actions can move the world.”

— DeRicki Johnson

[Submitted at – a great place to hone ones writing chops. Oh, did I forget to mention prizes for winning?]


3 Responses to “Move”

  1. Julia said

    Wisdom in a few words.

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