The Gospel According to ME

October 20, 2015

I so identify with this poem. The mantra of action, it’s cadence undaunted and seemingly unstoppable. But, of course like all things it comes to an end. But, also like all things, I’m left with the impression of a growing force that will cause things once again to “move on.”

Life Matters


pick it up
pack it up
clean it up
and move on

do it right
don’t waste time
finish up
and move on

set high goals
and move on

don’t look back
initiate, concentrate
and move on

it’s unimportant
who keeps up,
what matters –
I move on

it’s my day
now’s my time
I determine when
and move on

give no thought
to all I leave
as I turn and
just move on

one is good
two is better
won’t compromise –
I move on

twinge of fear
spark of anger
pay no mind
and move on

shards strewn
caskets hewn
deemed inopportune
so I move on

sudden reckoning
searing questioning
shadows lengthening
yet I move on

blinding regret
paralyzing loss
acquiescing only when
I cannot move on

dark cavernous
cocoon, suppressing
preposterous force
into motionless stillness

photo credit:
© Julia Penner-Zook, 2015

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