On Fear and Halloween

October 31, 2015

Halloween is many things – remnant of a pagan ritual, a vile observance to be shunned by the pious, a fun opportunity to escape the humdrum by dressing in fantasy and reaping a bounty of free treats. And, lastly, a celebration of fear – or perhaps, for the fortunate few, a triumph of facing their fears. 

In my morning meditations this Halloween, I took an opportunity to examine the nature of my own fear. Of what am I afraid?

I am afraid that at the moment of my passing I will discover my life’s aspirations were pointless, that I lived a life of faceless cattle; churning to create wealth, so that a heartless few could fly in corporate jets and drink champagne infused with gold dust.

I fear squandering all the time I had on earth, not once finding mindfulness or truly hearing the voice of the force that created me; bereft of the peace and contentment of “being here, now.”


Happy Halloween! 



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