Under my bed…

November 18, 2015

Woke from my sleep

This morn with bump

Been dreaming of running

From a creep with a hump

My palms were sweaty

My heart filled with dread

Convinced that someone

Was under my bed

A rustle, a creak

Hands grabbed the bed’s edge

Those green putrid hands

Belonged to the dead

His red eyes pinned me

He laughed, then he said

I’m going to eat you

Once I rip you to shreds

It was then I decided

To strike first instead

I grabbed my katana

And cut off his head

Now if you check

Down under my bed

Don’t be shocked to find

Old monster’s dreads…

– DeRicki


2 Responses to “Under my bed…”

  1. Put on your hoodie and slay the monsters one at time! LOVE this!

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