Some thoughts on Deleuze, Cage, and the relation between philosophy and music

December 21, 2015


In setting about exploring the relationship between philosophy and music, the work of Deleuze could seem like an odd place to start. Not only is there a notable paucity of musical references and engagement in Deleuze’s writings relative to that afforded to the other arts, but music theory has, since at least the 17th century, perhaps tended towards forms of transcendence, dissociating its form from its materials, and had perhaps even been an exemplary case of structuralist thinking avant la lettre. This seems to put it at odds with the Deleuze we think of as a post-structuralist thinker and a thinker of immanence. Jacques Rancière makes the claim that in Deleuze’s thought there appears to be an almost Schopenhauerian privileging of music with regards to the fundamental nature of the world, but for Rancière this analogy serves only the development of a critique of Deleuze, echoing those offered by…

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2 Responses to “Some thoughts on Deleuze, Cage, and the relation between philosophy and music”

  1. platosgroove said

    Have these folks written concerning natural tuning at A432mhz vs the standard A440mhz? I would need to spend more time on the above argument to grasp their points. But I am interested in the natural frequencies and patterns found in nature and have wondered why they are not used my the mainstream and what difference it might make. Peace brother.

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