Earth 2.0: Upgrading the OS

March 9, 2016

less but better

Recently I listened to a podcast interview with Bryan Johnson (founder of payment processing company Braintree) and his new venture called OS Fund is quite inspiring.  Even more so, it was his view of the world as an operating system that got me thinking…

To the layman, an operating system is essentially a set of rules that govern how a computer system runs, basically the interface between software and hardware.  If in this analogy humans represent software and the earth represents hardware, then the rules in between would be considered the operating system.  Therefore, these rules would govern the use of our planetary resources similar to computing resources within the hardware.

Following this comparison, imagine a proto-Earth as inflexible hardware only capable of running a basic operating system with limited capability.  This primitive hardware would restrict the type of software (life) that could run on it, if any at all.  As hardware capabilities improve, so…

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