Warriors’ Worth

May 13, 2016

Forgotten ones
The “Left behinds”
Their arc of life
Is one unkind

From the World’s
Hot zones
Return Stateside
And have no home

Averted eyes
A ragged quilt
We drop stray coin
To ease our guilt

Of honor shown
There is a dearth
We fail to own
Our warriors’ worth

Huddling round
A flaming bin
They wear their hope
Like tattered coats

And burn
Their brittle dreams
For meager proof
The cold




3 Responses to “Warriors’ Worth”

  1. Shameful and scandalous, isn’t it? I am appalled at the lack of psychological care, here in the U.K., given to armed forces returning from battle zones.

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  2. Eileen said

    Deep, profound human pain. I can feel it here … I remember as a child, adults use to tell me, “there are no such things as monsters”. But … I saw the monsters … in humans … all the time. They dig in deep, and seem to never just go away from our souls … thank ‘God’ for hope … it’s what we do.

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