Reality hack, alternative facts

December 18, 2017

Since when did truths

Become alternative?

Ain’t that a fine

“Howdy ya do”

And what about

The words we speak

Do their meanings

Come in “alternative,” too?

As in “up” is “down”

“In” is “out”

And good old

“Red” is “blue?”

It defeats the purpose

Of language

In which case you

Might not know,

“I’m huntry en I liken peas

A dishes lee dainty sang witch…”

In this

Alternative universe

Our Earth is flat

New thin is fat

And racists never

Lynched a black

If that foolishness ain’t enough

Here’s an interesting fact-

According to Texas school books

Dixie’s slaves were immigrants!

This is not right

Just stop it please

Alternative facts?

There’s no such thing…

(Unlike Bigfoot

Or the girl from “Ring”)

Fiction is fiction

Fact is fact

And never the twain

Shall be the same

If someone tells you


They’re playing

The “mind f*ck” game…



5 Responses to “Reality hack, alternative facts”

  1. knubian said

    But that is surely not the beginning of these ” white washed tales to curb the question!” As you have touched on the matter, if I may elaborate sir? I believe not one Confederate statute or references should be torn down, no where, least the question is never asked.
    What happens in 20, 40, 60 years from now when people start to question the questioning? As if slavery never existed!
    Rewriting school books and demolishing statute’s is just another process of a bigger American lie later to come.

    Excellent subject… That we’ll never have a dialogue on!
    But I believe the subject is so embarrassing to this country, that they would have to put their”save the world” attitude on hold and come to the table. And that, is never going to happen!

    Liked by 1 person

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