Hello darkness, my old friend…

December 19, 2017


Has been

My running mate

Since my egg first split

I guess She is a friend

Of sorts-

A friendly nemesis

And tho I know Her,

Oh so well,

There are no benefits

The relationship

Is doomed to fail

When we finally kiss…


(Image artist unknown)


3 Responses to “Hello darkness, my old friend…”

  1. Piyali said

    ‘A friendly nemesis’ I love this line. Huge fan of S&G too 🙂

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    • DeRicki Johnson said

      Thanks for reading and sharing. My scout master, who was a Baha’i turned me on to Simon and Garfunkel, both of whom were involved in that community. They were deep, and their lyrics, poetry.

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  2. Piyali said

    Thanks, for connecting DeRicki. I didn’t know Simon and Garfunkel were followers of this faith. I actually know very little about the Baha’i community except for the fact that they have a famous house of worship in my country as well. It’s in Delhi, India.

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