May 10, 2016

The words slip
Like ghosts neath a veil
Slippery and charged
Cresting the tip
Of the Wizard’s hail

In the light of science
And the shade of magic
Sound has power
To change the World-

When a black hole
Screams hunger
A light ray’s
Path curls

So the Mage makes
Great power with words
A cyclone whirls
As his magic unfurls

“Stabunt simul,
Audi vocem meam!”

(Time stand still
Obey my will!)

Over burning entrails
Incantations are dropped
Sigils wiggle and writhe
And all the World sto…



April 17, 2016

Eye Will Not Cry



The deafening silence…
Those futile gestures…
They trample feelings…
While bitterness festers…
As it’s happened before…
Now it’s started again…
And the instant replay…
Brings instant pain…
Whilst descending clouds…
Of opposite thoughts…
Bring feelings of anger…
Pointing out all the faults…
But with tension mounting…
And each anxiety attack…
Those beautiful memories…
Now fade into black…
As the cigarette burns…
It’s spinning out of control…
With a broken spirit…
And a battered soul…
Leaving nothing behind…
All senses are numb…
It feels never ending…
But it’s only just begun…
And stood in isolation…
Trying to hide away…
The teardrop won’t fall…
But the heart’s in decay…
Always battling demons…
Blocking out those voices…
Forever finger pointing…
And criticising choices…
Yet the distant thunder…
Leads to clearer thinking…
The sudden realisation…

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People Of The Rind

March 27, 2016

  We outsiders

Rough skin


Bereft of love

The left behind

Last to sup

Sweet juice

From vine

Our efforts fast

Crushed by the grind

As tomorrow weighs

On mankind’s mind

Whelved fate


We people

Of the rind

Endless Gin

March 18, 2016

  Is it the bottom
Of this flask I seek?
I take a sip – and then another
And for the millionth time,
I peek

Should have died
A drunken shit
Yet here I sit
Waxing lyrical-
A spiritual miracle

This is the story of my escape
Rejection of a prisoner’s fate
I killed my jailer
An endless “djinn”
Of my self-imposed sin

Now I Live my life, neat
I run to the sun
On gifted feet, fleet…

Free of the crutch I no longer need-
Abandoned in tall grass gone to seed


March 16, 2016

  Awakened from dream

By a storm last night

At peace with the rain

And the thunder’s bite

My inner eye bright

In lightning’s white light

My vision unmarred

By life’s base deceptions

My mind unfettered

Blank slate at post inception

I see myself floating

Safe in my mother’s womb

While the world rages

Like the weather

Outside my room

And yet I know peace

Wrapped in calm chrysalism

Yet to be touched

By the cut

Of poor decisions-

I am suspended

Within life’s morn

Chaste in the eye

Of a living storm…


Flat Black

March 14, 2016

My mood
As flat black
By hope
In light’s
Shy reflection

[Photo: Juankarh Hernandez


Your Witchy Ways

March 13, 2016

 Cold catalysts’ confluence
Converge in dark influence
In your web my struggles, stayed
All trace of goodness truant
Oh, how I love your witchy ways
You walk toward me
In your too tight
Catholic school girl
My heartbeat skips
My manhood hurts
My breath
don’t know where i end and you begin a
tumultuous tumble of lips and legs and
walnut skin progressive passion comes
on feet fleet my self control a fading mist slippery and molten in perpetual motion ebbing and flowing in lust’s stormy ocean swells faster and faster- t h e n   s l o w e r t h a n   s l o w 101 resurrections for 100 small deaths still we lie our bodies spent innocence rent illusions flit evanescent fleeing memory’s tired
truce asked
peace granted
I trace patterns
In the sweat
Upon your breast
As we
Which outcome only time will test


Quiet Town

March 13, 2016

  Cornered by

Rain soaked streets


Memory and reflection


Quiet town breathes

Moments sweet

A taste of joy

My dream complete


Painting: “Quiet Town” Leonid Afremov

Potter’s Clay

March 11, 2016

  My life
A potter’s clay
To mold
Tempered by both
Fire and cold.
Will I yield
Or contumant be-
Resisting my Maker’s
Shape for me?
Such form
To set me free.
Hence thwarted
By the plans of Man
I seek the touch
Of a Greater Hand…


Life Lessons

March 11, 2016

  Life is full of cuts
And barbs and pricks and dings
Fire rages beneath the crucible-
My body
In this world of “things”

When my Maker brings the heat
I feel the sting
He smelts the silver of my soul
To reveal weaknesses
Adversity holds

Dross rises to the silver’s surface
There for me to scrape away
Or let sink back into my essence
To rise and mar another day

Life’s fiery lessons
Are but beauty on the journey
A gift,
My blessing…