Endless Gin

March 18, 2016

  Is it the bottom
Of this flask I seek?
I take a sip – and then another
And for the millionth time,
I peek

Should have died
A drunken shit
Yet here I sit
Waxing lyrical-
A spiritual miracle

This is the story of my escape
Rejection of a prisoner’s fate
I killed my jailer
An endless “djinn”
Of my self-imposed sin

Now I Live my life, neat
I run to the sun
On gifted feet, fleet…

Free of the crutch I no longer need-
Abandoned in tall grass gone to seed


Flat Black

March 14, 2016

My mood
As flat black
By hope
In light’s
Shy reflection

[Photo: Juankarh Hernandez


The Witness

May 20, 2015

How came this to be?

Mind and body are not Me…

I’m but a witness. 

The cure

May 10, 2015

Apocalypse bound

Our world’s problems are legion

Love, the only cure


#575 #micropoetry

You Call Me

April 27, 2015

Strawberry Letter 23 you call me

Cross mystic skies and cotton clouds you draw me

Your twisted answers only pose more questions –

…We of finite fate. 

Science vs. Magic

April 26, 2015

Soltice slow march stalls, to turn and start anew

While we argue science or magic – It Is

Creation doesn’t need our understanding

It will march, sans Man