Has been

My running mate

Since my egg first split

I guess She is a friend

Of sorts-

A friendly nemesis

And tho I know Her,

Oh so well,

There are no benefits

The relationship

Is doomed to fail

When we finally kiss…


(Image artist unknown)


Accidental Evil

January 5, 2017

“Forgive us our trespasses – as we forgive those who trespass against us.” – The Lord’s Prayer
Is there such a thing as “accidental evil?” Sometimes I wonder… 🤔

(Loosely based on true stories – mine, yours, and the “asshole’s” next door. Oh wait…that’s MY door.😏)

🚙🚌🚕🚗 – 💥

One morning commute

I took to task

An “asshole” I deemed

Driving “way too fast”

In righteous rage

I boxed him in

He honked and swerved

But I just grinned

When he’d suffered

Enough – I let him in

My heartbeat racing

And short of breath

With angry glare

I wish him death

A misspent sliver

Of my time on Earth

In fool’s errand wishing

A stranger, hurt

Not much further

On my ride

I see the asshole

Parked roadside

Running toward wreckage

With an anguished cry

As EMTs pull the sheet

Over the dead girl’s face

I’m convicted

As it all snaps into place

Had I prevented that man

From saying goodbye?

Because there is no doubt

His loved one has died

I replay his desperate bid

To reach the crash site

Which but for my interference

He just have might…

In that moment

My guilt by truth endowed

Asking myself the question,

“Who’s the asshole now?”


Your Witchy Ways

March 13, 2016

 Cold catalysts’ confluence
Converge in dark influence
In your web my struggles, stayed
All trace of goodness truant
Oh, how I love your witchy ways
You walk toward me
In your too tight
Catholic school girl
My heartbeat skips
My manhood hurts
My breath
don’t know where i end and you begin a
tumultuous tumble of lips and legs and
walnut skin progressive passion comes
on feet fleet my self control a fading mist slippery and molten in perpetual motion ebbing and flowing in lust’s stormy ocean swells faster and faster- t h e n   s l o w e r t h a n   s l o w 101 resurrections for 100 small deaths still we lie our bodies spent innocence rent illusions flit evanescent fleeing memory’s tired
truce asked
peace granted
I trace patterns
In the sweat
Upon your breast
As we
Which outcome only time will test


The cure

May 10, 2015

Apocalypse bound

Our world’s problems are legion

Love, the only cure


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You Call Me

April 27, 2015

Strawberry Letter 23 you call me

Cross mystic skies and cotton clouds you draw me

Your twisted answers only pose more questions –

…We of finite fate. 

Science vs. Magic

April 26, 2015

Soltice slow march stalls, to turn and start anew

While we argue science or magic – It Is

Creation doesn’t need our understanding

It will march, sans Man

Feast on Our Bones

April 19, 2015

No wonder the common man sinks in defeat

We give our lives over to polis and priests

In orgasmic pleasure the rich man doth feast – 

How many, our bones?

– dericki

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April 18, 2015


Like a monster popping from under the bed

You revel in your victims’ blood, grief and fear

I vow to hunt you, and fight you, and slay you…

My dark inner self.



April 17, 2015

i write and you read

thus, you answer my questions

is this why we are?


Hear Me

April 10, 2015

Prayer to my God:

Hear me. See me. Speak to me.

I move in your light.